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Exceptional Solutions for a Common Problem

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Tens of millions of Americans are missing at least one permanent tooth, and if this includes you, know that you now have more options than ever to restore your bite, smile, and confidence. Dr. Rodda has completed extensive training in the realm of tooth replacement, so whether you need a single tooth or your entire mouth restored, you can trust that you’re in good hands here at Complete Dental Care Paradise Valley. When you choose him to replace your missing teeth in Phoenix, he’ll be able to guide you to a tooth loss solution that both looks and feels fantastic.

Why Choose Complete Dental Care Paradise Valley for Replacing Missing Teeth?

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Dental Bridges

A time-tested solution, a dental bridge is able to help those with a single missing tooth or a few consecutive missing teeth. The way it works is simple: two dental crowns are placed over the teeth at either end of the gap, and they are used to support new prosthetic teeth, or pontics. Dental bridges can also be attached to dental implants to give them even more stability.


Person holding a full denture in their hands

Today’s dentures are nothing like those from the past. Combining a gum-colored base with natural-looking teeth, they are able to bring back several teeth and even an entire row all at once. Partials can be designed to fit seamlessly between remaining teeth, while a full denture sits directly on the gums. When it comes to fit, appearance, and durability, you can trust Dr. Rodda to deliver the best of everything when it comes to your denture.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are special in the dental world because they do something that no other tooth replacement can—bring back the visible crown as well as the underlying root of a tooth. This is accomplished by placing a restoration on top of a small titanium post that is placed within the jawbone. As a result, dental implants not only look just like real teeth, but function and last like them as well.

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