Dentures – Phoenix, AZ

Get Your Full Grin Back

Doctor Rodda treating a dental patient A smiling senior woman sitting on a couch with a cane

A life with missing teeth tends to be a challenging one. After all, lacking even a few pearly whites can make everyday tasks hard. The resulting smile gaps also cause oral health issues over time. Still, there’s a highly effective solution for tooth loss available: dentures in Phoenix! As provided by Complete Dental Care, these restorations make grins nice and full again. To learn more about them, continue reading or book a visit to our office.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

A dentist showing dentures to a patient

If you feel the life-altering effects of tooth loss, you’re likely a good dentures candidate. Treatment best suits those who struggle to eat, speak, or smile when missing teeth. Still, keep in mind that not everyone with lost teeth needs dentures. Another procedure may be better if someone still has a few chompers along an arch.


Ultimately, the best way to know if dentures suit you is to consult Dr. Rodda . He’ll perform an initial oral exam to confirm your candidacy. Should he approve future treatment, he and our team will draft a treatment plan that meets your needs.


Types of Dentures

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As part of the consultation, Dr. Rodda will also explain the types of dentures on offer. He’ll suggest one of three possible kinds to ensure effective care. The possibilities include:


Partial Dentures

A partial denture (per its name) only replaces a few teeth at most. For that reason, it’s secured with metal clasps that attach to your natural pearly whites.


No matter the specifics, a partial denture has artificial teeth attached to an acrylic base. (The latter is gum-colored to ensure results blend well.)  The overall fit should be snug, though poorly-made dentures sometimes feel loose.


Full Dentures

While a partial denture only switches a few, a full denture replaces an entire arch of teeth. That means it stays secure with suction, not metal clasps. The result is a treatment that doesn’t need to prep other teeth much.

Compared to a partial model, a full denture’s materials aren’t too different. This kind also relies on acrylic, gum-colored resin for its base. That said, labs often further customize a full denture to fit across an entire arch.


Implant Dentures

If you need something more stable than the usual options, you could try implant dentures. These are great for patients who aren’t big fans of traditional ones.


To be clear, implant dentures attach to dental implants — restorations surgically placed into the jawbone. As the latter root themselves in your jaw, they prevent your face from sagging or collapsing.

Their fusion also keeps your new teeth from slipping or falling out of your mouth.


The Benefits of Dentures

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Once you have dentures from Phoenix, you’ll experience many of their upsides. These typically include the following:


  • Natural-looking Results – Given advanced dental technology, today’s dentures look lifelike and natural. Consequently, you can trust them to blend seamlessly with your surrounding teeth and gums.
  • Better Eating – Whether implant-based or not, dentures can restore some of your ability to chew food. They’ll thus help you eat a healthier, wider-ranging diet.
  • More Confidence – Naturally, dentures can boost your confidence by filling in your unsightly smile gaps.
  • Strong Lifespan – Dentures can actually last over a decade with proper care!