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Knowing that your smile looks great can make you feel better about yourself no matter your situation, and unfortunately, the opposite can be true as well. Whether you’re unhappy because of tooth stains, gaps, chips, or all of the above, Dr. Rodda can give you the look you’ve always wanted with cosmetic dentistry in Phoenix at Complete Dental Care Paradise Valley. Combining his expertise with an artist’s eye, he’s able to deliver stunning results that look so natural that onlookers will think you simply hit the genetic lottery.

Why Choose Complete Dental Care Paradise Valley for Cosmetic Dentistry?

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It’s an open secret why every actor, pro athlete, and well-known musician has perfectly straight, white teeth — many of them have dental veneers! You can now get this same cosmetic dentistry treatment and enjoy the same level of results with Dr. Rodda. One or more thin shells of porcelain will be attached to the front of your teeth, and they’ll be designed to enhance their shape, size, color, and spacing at the same time. All told, the entire veneers procedure can create a dramatic smile makeover in just two appointments.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Several dental veneers and crowns resting on table with dental instruments

In the past, a dental crown or filling that repaired a damaged tooth would accomplish the job of making the enamel stronger, but the metal always made it stick out in the smile. But today’s dental restorations are made using materials like porcelain and composite resin, both of which can be colored to look just like your enamel. This can create results that not only fix dental health issues, but uplift the appearance of your smile at the same time.

Teeth Whitening

Glo Teeth Whitening is able to deliver the kind of dramatic results that storebought kits and toothpastes promise but can’t deliver. With a quick in-office treatment or take-home set of trays designed just for you, Dr. Rodda can make longtime tooth stains disappear with professional-strength teeth whitening near Paradise Valley. You'll end up with a smile that is six to eight shades brighter, all while keeping you protected from tooth sensitivity.

Gum Recontouring

When it comes to the appearance of your smile, your gums matter almost as much as your teeth! An overbearing or uneven gumline can make even pristine teeth look too short and less than ideal. But with laser gum recontouring, Dr. Rodda can give your grin the perfect frame and proportions in a single appointment while keeping you as comfortable as possible.

Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover isn’t a single treatment, but rather a suite of cosmetic dentistry services that is designed to help a patient whose ideal look will require a few steps to achieve. If you have multiple dental imperfections that have bothered you for years, a smile makeover enables Dr. Rodda to take care of them as efficiently as possible rather than addressing them one by one, leading to a cohesive and gorgeous result you can trust will last for years to come.